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Some of the events were too convenient or contrived. He divorced one wife, and the other died. He told his daughters that only one of them will inherit everything, depending on which daughter is the most successful on her own. Lexi opened a day spa. The source calls the loan demanding she pay it off in 21 days.

She agrees. This means she must sleep with him and introduce him to the right people, including politicians and potential wives. He owns businesses in the car industry, is into racing, and is extremely wealthy. Ten years earlier, Lexi was attracted to Cruz and spent a night with him. She liked him a lot, but when he saw that he took her virginity, he was scared. When she saw the look on his face, she said something cruel to protect her pride.

He left and they never had any further contact until now. A second story involves someone wanting to hurt the Titan family. This generates bad publicity for Jed, Skye, and Lexi about illegal activities and a lawsuit.

Under Her Skin

None of this is true, but false statements are being made. There is nothing new, surprising, or exciting. Dialogue is unremarkable. Some of the conflicts were too convenient or contrived. More than once Lexi goes against her feelings and lies which creates false conflict. Cruz wants a connection with her so he attends a charity event.

He just happens to overhear her banker discussing her financial problem which solves his problem — a little too convenient. Cruz is not likeable. He is arrogant, insensitive, and cruel to Lexi. I had trouble with the ending. Cruz conveniently changes his views of love and commitment — just in time for a happy ending.

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In my opinion, changing his views needed more time, events, and emotional development. I was unhappy that the second story about someone trying to hurt the Titan family was not finished. There are unanswered questions. I assume this story will continue into the sequels, which I do not plan to read. DATA: Story length: pages.

Swearing language: strong. Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: 2. Total number of sex scene pages: 7. Setting: current day Texas and Louisiana. Copyright: Genre: contemporary romance. View 1 comment. This book had some good points, but I just really have a hard time with straight up romance lately.

Here is my brief summation of the book.

Lexi: "I am a rich girl trying to make it on my own with some serious Daddy issues. My bank just told me I need to come up with 2 million dollars in three weeks or I lose my whole business. What ever shall I do?!?! I know I took your virginity and your car and then ran off, but you look mighty fine and I just HAPPENED to overhear you need 2 m This book had some good points, but I just really have a hard time with straight up romance lately.

I need your old money status, so how about I pay you 2 million dollars to marry me for one year? Win win, right? I am offended. I will take your money but only for a 6 month engagement. Lexi avoids having sex with Cruz by screwing with her birth control to get her period early. I saw were THAT was heading too. Lexi gets a kitten. Lexi's friend and sisters all comment that she is glowing. Lexi meets Cruz's 15 year old daughter that he never mentioned.

Lexi and Cruz and Lexi's half sisters work together to thwart an evil do-er that turns out to be their bastard half brother. Boom - There it is!

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Cruz kisses an old girlfriend and Lexi runs out on the deal, going to daddy for the money to pay him off. Cruz goes back to Lexi and tells her they can get married, but love is stupid. Lexi tells him to piss off Cruz realizes ta da! Lexi and Cruz get back together in a stupid car race thing that, well, is stupid. And I kind of threw up in my mouth.

Jul 30, Leah rated it it was amazing Shelves: adult-lit , 5-stars , m-f. Lexi Titan is the daughter of the wealthy Jed Titan who left the family business in order to start her own spa. After a large amount of money is recalled by her anonymous investor, she wonders how she will pay.

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  • Enter Cruz Rodriquez. He's a man of self-made wealth, a man who has made himself more important than the kid from the barrio who raced for pinks in order to get money.

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    He is also the man she had a one-night stand with years before, the man she has never seemed to get over. He offers to gi Lexi Titan is the daughter of the wealthy Jed Titan who left the family business in order to start her own spa. He offers to give her the money. Conditionally, of course. Lexi must pretend to be engaged to Cuz for six months and introduce him to her high society friends, and she must sleep with him in order to make their relationship look realistic.

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    A deal is struck. Little do they know, Lexi and Cruz actually enjoy being together.

    Fler böcker av Susan Mallery

    While they are on the road to happiness, many things get in the way: the revelation that Cruz has a child, a madman out to ruin Lexi and her family, Cruz's fear of turning into his abusive father. Eventually, Lexi feels that enough is enough and her love for Cruz is not strong enough for the both of them, so she leaves. Lexi tells Cruz that she's pregnant when he comes to see her and he leaves her. After some well-meaning advice, Cruz finally goes to Lexi, tells her he loves her, and they live happily ever after.

    Well, until the next tragedy strikes Lexi's family. I absolutely love Lexi. She's determined, passionate, intelligent, sarcastic, sweet. I loved how good she was with Cruz's daughter, Kendra, and I liked when they started talking and hanging out. I knew she was going to end up being pregnant.

    I just knew it.