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Hylke Dijkstra (H.)
  1. Introduction: Gender and Politics: A Gendered World, a Gendered Discipline - Oxford Handbooks
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  3. Transnational Governance and Legitimacy in Europe and Beyond
  4. Hylke Dijkstra (H.)

Patrick Kenis 7. The global social capital of human rights movements: a case study on Amnesty International Volker Schneider 8. The international women's movement as a private political actor between accommodation and change Bob Reinalda 9. The policy roles of private research institutes in global politics Diane Stone. Review This Product No reviews yet - be the first to create one! Need help? Partners MySchool Discovery. Subscribe to our newsletter Some error text Name.

Email address subscribed successfully. A activation email has been sent to you. Please click the link in that email to activate your subscription. Spanje: van politieke impasse naar instabiliteit. De vooravond van de Spaanse parlementsverkiezingen. Academic Foresights , 8. Jongens onder elkaar, maar helpers weg … als het serieus wordt.

Naar een Hobbesiaans Europa? VDE-Europalezing; No. Amstelveen: EON Pers.

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International Studies Review , 14 4 , Spain's Political Economy. Academic Foresights , 3.

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What lessons did we learn from enlargement thus far? Wiersma Eds. Perspectives on future EU enlargement pp. The Hague: Clingendael Institute. De uitbreiding van de Europese Unie: grenzen aan de groei? Kapteyn Eds. VDE-cahiers; No. Amsterdam: EON Pers. The Broker , 17 , De uitbreiding naar het andere Europa. Kapteyn Ed. Transnational governance and national employment regulation: the primacy of competitiveness. Kennett Ed. Prioritising Democracy? EU enlargement strategy at a crossroads.

Clingendael Spectator , 71 4 , [3]. Een illusie armer: Einde van de Catalaanse afscheiding. Voorbij het debat - of hoe het titanengevecht niet moet ontaarden in loopgravenoorlog? Hoekstra Eds. Kapteyn: wat voor een Europa wilt u? Amsterdam: Vereniging Democratisch Europa. Lost in havens: how private wealth is avoiding and evading sovereign taxation in the West [Review of: R.

Palan, R. Murphy Tax havens: how globalization really works]. International Studies Review , 14 2 , White, J. Batt, P. Lewis Developments in central and east European politics].

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Acta Politica , 43 1 , Wat is toch die 'superstaat'? De Volkskrant. We moeten een triomf van het patriottisme vrezen. Juncker, man van autoritair Europa. NRC Handelsblad , Holman, O. Over de poppetjes, maar ook over de inhoud. De Europese Unie ma de verkiezingen van mei Met Erasmus naar Lausanne. Kruiderink, N. Afscheid van professor dr. Op zoek naar de Europese Obama.

Introduction: Gender and Politics: A Gendered World, a Gendered Discipline - Oxford Handbooks

Folia , 62 11 , De herijking van Europese politiek. Towards a Hobbesian Europe? Neo-determinism: A new European social policy regime? Some elements of a next research agenda. Towards a Hobbesian Europe Membership Holman, O. Member of the editorial advisory board, Acta Politica.

Vem forskar om vad?

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Transnational Governance and Legitimacy in Europe and Beyond

He is also a former Director of the International Bureau of Connection and Documentation and an editor of the journal Documents. Dr Stefano Pagliari 's research concentrates on the field of international political economy, and in particular on the political economy of financial regulation. He has written on a number of issues related to the politics of the international monetary and financial system, such as financial industry lobbying, regulatory capture, EU-US financial diplomacy, and international financial institutions.

His areas of interest are non-neoclassical economics, capacity building for economics related policy and business decision making.

University of Colombo ', in W. Wimalaratne ed The Economics of Professor W. Nicholas publishes also in Development and Change, the revue of the ISS and is a contributor to several national and international journals, his comments concerning mainly the status and future evolutions of the Sri Lankan economy. She is also the co-editor of the Journal of Communist Studies and Transition Politics and a regular commentator and featured expert in radio and TV broadcasts. Allison and S. White Blackwell: , 'Enlargement and the new outsiders' with S.

White and I. Smith and M. Light eds. He also served as editor for well-known academic journals: Review of International Studies, the International Journal of Human Rights, and he currently is editor of the European Journal of International Relations. Hurrell is an expert on Brazil and has authored a large number of works on Latin American politics. He is a leading theorist of the 'International Society' approach pioneered at the London School of Economics LSE and Oxford by Hedley Bull, and has published widely on a vast range of international issues, from the United Nations and humanitarian intervention to international law.

His current research project involves comparing the policies and outlooks of emerging regional powers such as Brazil and India, asking what their role in the shifting world order is likely to be. In March he takes up a one-year post as Senior Proctor of the University. Lowenthal and Theodore J. He is a campaigner for human rights and fundamental freedoms and has worked with minority groups in the UK. He has published on policing and refugee issues. Professor David Travers is a lecture in Lancaster University. Professor David Travers is a specializes in the study of international institutions, and especially the peacekeeping role of the United Nations.

Professor Jean-Marie Bouissou is a specialist of contemporary Japan, he gives particular attention to the economic, political, social and international developments of Japan after the Second World War, to the political economy of the Japanese crisis and also to the Japanese influence on cultural globalization through its most popular cultural products Manga. He is also a supervisor of the education activities of the European Training Programme Japan. On these subjects she has published widely as author and editor: Development. Routledge, , Migration in the Global Political Economy ed. She is the Editor-in-Chief of the New Political Economy and has served on the editorial boards of various other journals.

Hylke Dijkstra (H.)

His areas of interest cover international security institutions , theories of global governance, risk and conflict management, as well as conflict transformation. Currently he co-edits Studies in International Institutional Dynamics, a recently launched book series with Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. He is a specialist in international political economy with a focus on trade and monetary integration processes and related governance issues.