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Had you long harbored your own questions about how these two gents encountered one another, and was filling in the gaps rewarding? Years ago, when I was writing the Wolfe books the first time around, I wondered how Nero and Archie came to join forces. Rex Stout provided very little back-story, only a few brief mentions.

Robert Goldsborough

Even back then, I had the idea to someday write about how they met. And yes, filling in those blanks was most satisfying for me. However, Murder in the Ball Park takes place somewhere in the midth century. I was a bit surprised by that leap in time. I assumed you had set the clock back in the first book, and then intended to move slowly forward from there. Will you be skipping back and forth through history with subsequent books in this series? I have no plans to set any further books in a specific time period. Am I wrong in my memory, or did Rex Stout make use of sporting backgrounds in one or more of his original Wolfe tales?

You are not wrong. In the first Nero Wolfe book, Fer-de-Lance , golf plays a major role in a murder. Rex Stout was an avid baseball fan, and as a follower of the New York Giants, frequently went to games at the Polo Grounds.

Nero Wolfe

You write in the new book like someone who has his own fond memories of watching baseball games in New York. Is that true? I am a baseball fan but have never seen a game in New York. What have you learned about writing since you first gave up concocting Wolfe stories that you now bring to this second round of such yarns? Good question, tough question.

Just the Facts

Now I am much more content to wait for ideas to come, which may well be a function of age. And how long might you be able to continue writing about Wolfe and Goodwin this time around? Are you already working on a third installment of this new series, with more to come? I try not to get too far ahead of myself.

Thank you! Stout had his own anachronisms throughout the series, so you can't really say Goldsborough is going against that. I'm not too crazy about pastiches and continuations of series after the author is gone, but going by your review, I just might give this one a shot. Thanks Patrick. I was a bit unsure whether or not to get this -- now I will. Sexton, nowhere is the problem more obvious than when Archie and Wolfe run into Paul Whipple 30 years later in A Right To Die and he's aged and they have not. Glad I could help, Jeff! And thanks for the example. Trying to keep track of time throughout the series is a guaranteed road to madness.

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I quite enjoyed the Gores book and you certainly make a good case here - I wasn't crazy about the original continuations that Goldsborough wrote as I recall, though I should point out that I read these in an Italian translation. I think, deep down, that i prefer the idea of a prequel to a sequel, probably because it is less likely to really intrude on the canon.

Thanks Patrick - sounds like fun. I guess we agree on the Gores. I haven't read Goldsborough's sequels so I really can't comment, but translation might have something to do with it.

Onyx reviews -- Archie Meets Nero Wolfe by Robert Goldsborough

I'm almost at the finish line with this one and I agree with what you said about Archie not having his voice yet. That and the fact that the interactions with Wolfe were limited made this feel almost like something other than a Wolfe book. But I guess "Prequel" provided sufficient advance warning of all of this. It does feel odd at first, doesn't it?

But in the end, I felt it was an interesting experiment, and those odd points were only reasonable after all. Two characters that appear in the early stories but who are killed off in the middle and end of the series appear in this prequel. Goldsborough keeps up the Stout tradition of time standing still in the 's inside the brownstone with the outside in the present day, with only small concessions to modernity, such as Archie using a computer instead of a typewriter.

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I've only read "The Missing Chapter," it's a nice homage with tons of in-jokes, but it could never be mistaken for vintage Stout. I own the complete series of Goldsborough sequels and a near-complete Wolfe Corpus , and if I'm not mistaken the Mysterious Press is planning to re-release Goldsborough's sequels. Unfortunately I have to read the rest of the series first.